new territory

Today our family entered new territory in the rearing of our children.  Today we woke up, got ready for work, and dropped our kids off at day care where they will spend a full day away from their home, without their parents.  Until now, we've been able to tweak our work schedules so that Seamus could care for them during the day and our parents covered a few hours a week so that we didn't have to outsource childcare.   

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little apprehensive about our new schedule, but all those feelings quickly dissipate when I think about how much they love their teachers at school who also run a day care program out of the same facility.   So really, it was a no brainer when we were deciding where to enroll them.  For now, they will be attending day care twice a week, and eventually it will be three.  We felt it was best to let them ease into a new routine.  I'm curious to see how they will do today, and it's taking all of my self control to not call and check on them 45 minutes after I've dropped them off.  

Things have been super busy at our house as always, but sort of calm at the same time.  Not sure how that works, but I guess we've just found a really good groove.  We are having so much fun with the boys, mainly because their vocabulary has exploded and every day they blurt out something new.  Something that makes you stop and think, "Did he really just say that?"  Every single day we are blown away with how smart our kids are.  And every single day I thank my lucky stars and am glad that we are here.  In this place that is oh so comfy.

Lately, we've been:

Putting stickers on our heads, sliding down slides, playing with trains, eating spaghetti, putting pants on our heads, playing at the Children's Museum, eating snacks at the zoo, and watching hockey.

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