Blogging from a dark hospital room tonight so I apologize in advance for any errors in this post. If you haven't heard yet we've been living in the hospital since Monday morning. Our little Aiden caught a nasty virus which resulted in pneumonia and long story short he's requiring some oxygen support. So here we'll stay until baby boy can breathe a bit easier on his own. 

It's been a tough week but with the help of our family and a couple of understanding bosses, we've been able to juggle Aiden's needs here at the hospital and Ryan's needs at home. It takes a village y'all. 

It's a miracle that we've gone two whole years without ending up here for lungs. Aiden's lungs were his biggest struggle during his five month stay in the nicu. He was intubated for 8 weeks, which was 6 weeks longer than Ryan. And he didn't get off oxygen until maybe 2 or 3 days before he came home for good. Guys, lungs scare me and I didn't remember how true that really was until last night. 

When we were first admitted on Monday, Aiden needed oxygen. Fine. A few hours later he was doing better so the doctors took weaned him off.  We thought we'd be discharged Tuesday morning. Tuesday came and went and Aiden was kept for observation. Thank The Lord because Tuesday night was a disaster. I had gone home to be with Ryan and Seamus took the night shift. Next thing I know I get a message that Aiden isn't doing well. They had to put him back on oxygen and bump him up to 40%. If that doesn't mean anything to you, just note that room air is made up of 21% oxygen. Even at 40% his oxygen saturation was in the 80s, when it should have been at least 95. They gave him three breathing treatments but nothing was working. Finally the PICU team came down to see him, suctioned him and got him stable. 

When I got that call, I won't lie, I was nervous. I can handle a lot of medical stuff. Brain surgery - fine. I'm used to it. But lungs? I don't know, for some reason his lungs not working properly scare me so much more.  It's such a warped perception, no?  That I'm not scared of someone operating on my kid's brain. I guess it's just an aspect of our journey that not even I can understand. Something that will always linger. A little taste of where we've been. Irrational fears. Dark flashbacks. The works. 

So here we are on Day 3 at the hospital. Baby boy is sleeping comfortably, still on oxygen. But they took his IV out and he is eating and drinking pretty normally so that's progress. 

We've had a lot of family and friends reach out to us the last few days and we want you all to know that each message and prayer is appreciated. Even of we can't thank you personally. Love and hugs to you all. And thank you for loving our boy. 

And just a hospital funny: Aiden's neighbor is a man who happens to snore. When Aiden heard the snoring earlier, he said it was a helicopter.  This kid kills me. Haha. 

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