five [updates] for Friday

1.  The last time I wrote, we were in the hospital.  That was about a month ago so in case you didn't know (if you follow me on IG you were informed!), Aiden did get discharged from his hospital stay for respiratory issues about five days after they admitted him.  He had a nasty virus that small children have a really hard time with.  And that, coupled with his preemie lungs, earned him a hospital stay.  He required oxygen for almost the entire five days.  And we were discharged with instructions to follow up with a Pulmonologist.  So we can add that to his list of specialists.  

This is pretty much how he relaxed the entire time in the hospital 

2.  Easter came and went in a blur.  To tell you the truth we were still trying to get our household back to normal after Aiden's hospital stay.  We visited our families and kept things pretty casual.  The boys got Easter baskets aplenty.   And they looked so handsome in their outfits.  Spring was definitely in the air that day.


3.  I am a horrible person and I never recapped our March of Dimes walk.  With the help of my sister and some other generous people we held a fundraiser at a local bar to benefit our team and raised $1,400 that night alone.  After all was said and done, we surpassed our goal of $5,000.  Our total stands at $5,366.00 and the MOD is accepting donations for this year's walk until June 30th.  If you'd like to contribute, you can do so through this link.  The day of the walk was truly beautiful, weather wise and in terms of the energy our team mates brought.  We'd like to thank everyone who participated, donated and helped with our fundraiser!  

Really hard to get a nice family shot these days

2014 Team Raiden
4.  The boys have been busy with pre-school evaluations lately.  Since they turn 3 (!!!) in September, they are going to age out of the Early Intervention program through which they receive all their therapy.  They will transition into a CPSE Program which is through the Board of Ed, and as a result they need all new evaluations.  We actually toured a school this morning and I have to say it's really exciting.  They are so ready for pre-school.  They love other kids and really thrive in a classroom setting as evidenced by how much they've flourished in the last 8 months since they started their center based therapy program.  If they both get approved for full time preschool, they will be going five days a week for five hours each day.  Big, big boys!!  

5.  I'm coming up short on #5, so to distract you I'll show you some fun photos:

2 years ago

2 years ago

I was trying to shush him and instead I got a nose in my mouth

Watching the Rangers

Morning playtime

Morning coloring

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