such joy

Once a year, A&R get to visit with one of our favorite people involved in their care.  We were introduced to him not long after the boys were born, when the word hydrocephalus meant nothing to us.  During that time Dr. Mittler, our neurosurgeon, literally served as a protector of our precious babies.  And he continues to do that, even though our visits are (thankfully!!!) few and far between.  

This morning we had our annual appointment with Dr. Mittler, and as is always the case, we left that office feeling so much joy and pride.  Feeling that the way we are raising our boys is just right.  Feeling that, yes, we are a success story.  And yes, our boys are miracles.  

Both boys got a clean bill of health.  And we are to return in one year, at which point we will have repeat MRI scans done of their brains just to check on things.  Sounds good to me.  

The last month has been busy for our family.  We finally got around to scheduling some well overdue doctors appointments for ourselves.  It's literally been 3 years since either of us saw a doctor or a dentist.  And you know what?  It feels good to take care of yourself, because by taking care of yourself you are ensuring that your kids have healthy parents.  And that is super important.  So, please, don't forget about yourself.  

On top of that, I mentioned that the boys were being evaluated for the CPSE (special ed preschool) program since they are going to age out of Early Intervention once they turn 3 in September.  As with all things involving the city, we're still in the process of figuring out what they will be approved for.  Our meeting with the district is on Monday, so we will know more then and we will be able to make some decisions about their care starting September.  So some big changes will be coming up for them.  But I'm not worried.  These kids adapt so well to everything that is thrown at them.  I'm sure they will welcome the change.  

Other than that, we've been seeing some of A&R's other specialists so I'll have more updates on their health in the upcoming weeks.  

Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope to be around more often.  It's so easy to stop writing, but once I start I tend to crave it again.  Happy summer everyone!

Aiden practicing stairs.  He still has trouble with them so that's what we work on most with him.

We turned the boys forward facing in their car seats a little while ago.  They like car rides much better now!

Aiden wearing daddy's shoes and tie.  Such a proud boy.  

Ryan, wearing his orthotics, and playing on the slide like a big boy.

He loves swings. 

Sleepyhead after a nap.  The boy loves to gives hugs.  

Fun with daddy.  These three slay me. 

Kid-less and having fun after a wedding. 

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