This week A&R turn 3.

That sentence can stand by itself.  Those few words mean so much to me that I can't even wrap my head around it.  For one, I can't even fathom the fact that I've been a mom for three years.  Parenthood is so surreal because one minute you're this young adult navigating your independence, and the next minute you have a little human or two (or three!) relying on you for everything.  And then the next thing you know, three years have passed, and your little humans aren't so little anymore and you have so much love and pride in your heart that you feel like you're about to burst every second of the day.  

We had a hard summer, y'all.  Fun, but hard.  Between getting the boys into preschool and Ryan's seizures and Aiden's chronic cough/vomiting stuff there were moments when I felt like it was just all too much.  There were more times than I want to admit that I felt sorry for myself, for my family.  But here we are on the cusp of autumn, a time that will always be bittersweet for me, and things have finally settled.  And when I take a step back and absorb what's going on around me, I can safely say that it all worked out.  Or is on its way to working out.  

Ryan had a 24 hour EEG this weekend and the results were very promising.  They didn't find any brain activity indicative of seizures.  This doesn't mean he won't ever have a seizure again, but at this point in time he does not need preventative medication.  So we kind of just sit back and wait and hope for the best.  

Aiden has had a couple visits to the pulmonologist to try and figure out where his issues are coming from and he is currently being treated with asthma and reflux medication.  His vomiting stopped and his cough did go away so this game plan seems promising.  Although in the last few days his cough has flared up again.  At this point we are waiting to see if maybe he is just sick (pre-school germies are brutal!).  Hopefully the cough goes away within the next few days.  

The boys are a handful.  They don't nap at pre-school and by the time they get home they are super wound up and all they do is wrestle each other.  We've had to move bedtime up earlier by an hour, but I'm not complaining.  

At almost three years old Aiden is a big boy who is super obsessed with everything super hero.  He walks around telling everyone he's "running like Spiderman" and hulk-smashing all his toys.  He is still obsessed with anything and everything Thomas. 

Ryan has made so much progress in his gross motor skills lately that I can't help but get excited for his future.  He is pulling up to stand and cruising.  And just this morning he walked while only holding of Seamus' hands (he usually needs both hands for balance).   He tries to climb on the couch and dive off of it.  He seriously has no fear.  While this gives me a heart attack almost daily, it will only help him to be more independent in the future.  

We have a busy week planned with a birthday dinner & movie, and then we're having a party to celebrate with all our family & friends who love our boys as much as we do.  With all the craziness that our lives recently entail, I can't help but stop and remember that life is so much easier today than it was three years ago.  And for that I will always be thankful.  

Happy (early) birthday boys.  You sure do make your momma proud!



  1. Hi Hydromomma,
    A very happy 3rd birthday to Aiden and Ryan from a follower in the U.K.
    I wanted to share with you how much I love your blog. My son Leon was born at 24 weeks and developed hydr and has a shunt. He and his journey reminds me so much of Ryans.
    I love your honesty and seeing how you and your boys are happy. It's so hard getting into a groove with a premature baby and their challenges but I feel like life is settling down for us and we can really start to enjoy it as you clearly do.
    P x

  2. Thank you so much! I am glad that you are at a place where you can finally enjoy your little boy. Much love and luck to you!


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