again and again

Here we are on that hospital flow again. 

Aiden's been really sick lately and so we finally brought him to the ER today. Mainly to check for a shunt malfunction. 14 hours later and we're shacked up in a private suite (it's the little things, right?). At this point we know it's not the shunt.  

He's been vomiting on and off again since Christmas. He had this same issue over the summer and it was finally controlled with reflux and asthma medication. When it started up again we thought he may just need his meds adjusted but then little man started complaining of headaches. At one point he also touched his shunt and asked what it was because "it hurts". 

So here we are hooked up to an IV because with all the vomiting Aiden is dehydrated. In the meantime we asked for some tests to be run and some guidance as to what could be causing him to be so sick all the time. And so far we've discovered that he's constipated. Like super backed up.  Right now we're waiting on a procedure to help him with all that and I pray this makes him well again.  Hoping for a quick fix here. Please cross all your crossables. 

Poor munchkin is not happy 😞
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