About A&R

Aiden & Ryan - 19 months old
My boys.

Aiden comes first, but only because he was Baby A.  A feisty little guy, with a great sense of humor and more fire in him than we know what to do with.  He has really blossomed and surprised us with how well he is hitting all his milestones.  His diagnoses include:

- extreme prematurity
- hydrocephalus
- cleft palate (repaired in February 2013)
- mild hearing loss
- BPD (chronic lung disease, which at this point has not caused any issues for him post-NICU)

Ryan, my little Ryan, is Baby B.  He is such a sweet baby with a slick smile, and loves to snuggle.  He was blessed with the gift of gab and has a contagious giggle that comes straight from his belly.  Ryan faces his own set of obstacles:

- extreme prematurity
- hydrocephalus
- left porencephalic cyst
- torticollis (mostly resolved at this point)
- CP
- extreme nearsightedness in his left eye

As the boys grow and develop, we may face other issues and new diagnoses. 

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